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Q: What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

A: An Employee Assistance Program is a confidential counseling/referral service provided to employees and their eligible dependents. This service is prepaid by your employer.

Q: Who are considered eligible dependents?

A: Spouse, common law spouses, children living with employee, elderly parents, girlfriend/boyfriend. Call the center if you need additional clarification on eligible dependents.

Q: What will it do for me?

A: The EAP is designed to help employees with those problems that can affect all families at one time or another. The problems can also affect job performance unless they are treated promptly and professionally.

Q: What kind of problems?

A: Specifically, the program is geared to assist with problems involving marital difficulties, family and/or job stress, alcohol abuse or dependency, drug abuse, and emotional health. While some employees may be able to handle these kinds of problems by themselves, your employer recognizes that there are others who may need professional assistance, but can't find the help they need.

Q: How is the program being administered to assure confidentiality?

A: Center for Employee Assistance is an independent organization of professionally licensed social workers, psychologists, and counselors who conduct similar programs for a number of companies. Their effectiveness and reputation is built on their ability to aid employees in dealing with personal problems and their integrity is protecting the confidentiality of their families, subject to applicable laws.

Q: Do you inform my employer that I have sought services from the CEAP?

A: Due to confidentiality restrictions we will never inform your employer that you are attending the CEAP unless you request we do so and sign a consent to release confidential information. If you have been mandated to attend counseling in order to keep your current position with the company we will have you sign a consent to release information to your employer regarding attendance purposes only, no other information will be released.

Q: How do I go about getting into seeing one of the counselors?

A: You would need to call the CEAP at either number listed on the contact page to set up an appointment.

Q: How many sessions am I entitled to?

A: The number of sessions are based on your company’s contract with the CEAP.  Normally, each employee will be allowed up to 8 sessions per problem per year.  There are no limits to the number of problems.

If you have any other questions that you'd like answered please forward your question(s) to the CEAP webpage coordinator at:


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